Malta is on par with some of Europe’s largest countries due to its economic and political stability. The Maltese economy’s key components include education, port services, call centres, pharmaceutical products, IT, and tourism. It is a place that has it all for personal consideration; a vibrant culture, rich history, great weather and unique food adaptations with North American and European influences.

No Communication Barriers

There should be zero communication and language barriers as 88% of its population are English-speaking individuals, in addition to the Italian and Maltese also used.

Under the Maltese Sun

Moreover, the sunshine is rated among Europe’s highest with an annual sunshine period of 3,000 hours. Its location on Europe’s southern tip allows you to be within reach of major European cities with just a short flight.

$ 15.1 b
GDP per capıta
$ 32,021
Malta Citizenship

Main applicants must make a $650,000 contribution to the Maltese government.

Those with dependents under 25 and spouses must also contribute $25,000, and parents over 55 and children between the ages of 18 and 25 contribute $50,000 each.

In addition, could an applicant make a $150,000 government bonds purchase and purchase a $350,000 property, the applicant could also lease a property for a five-year term worth $16,000 p.a.

One of the main attractions as to why a Malta citizenship is sought after is its attractive tax system. It is one of the world’s leading financial centres with a well-educated and skilled workforce, but industry growth keeps the unemployment rate as one of the lowest

The Malta IIP Individual Investors Programme was launched in 2014 for high-net-worth individuals. This European Union country, with its growing economy, bi-partisan, stable political scene, and the sound banking system is an enticing offer for citizenship-seekers.


Enjoy complete economical freedom and peace of mind with Malta citizenship. Benefit from high-quality, free education and healthcare. Benefiting from being in The Schengen Area for free and unrestricted movement, and EU freedom lifelong citizenship, you can also take advantage of the property investment opportunities in Malta, and a stable political system. Furthermore, there is personal security and tax planning benefits.

Maltese citizens can freely travel to 168 countries globally which includes the US, UK, and CA. What’s more is that there’s no taxation on global income.

The World Health Organisation rated Malta as one of the top five best healthcare systems worldwide and this is funded through taxation and national insurance. Specialist treatments, childbirth, pregnancies, prescriptions, and hospitalisation are all state funded. The same goes for high-quality education with the publicly funded University of Malta.

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