As one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, with stunning black and white beaches, pristine waterfalls, and rivers, lush green mountains, it also has very low crime rates. It is one of the Caribbean Sea’s most gorgeous islands with its location midway between Martinique and Guadeloupe.


It is an economically and politically stable state, since gaining independence in 1978. While the economy was banana-driven, agriculture and tourism continues to drive the economy.

Citizenship Program

The Dominica Citizen Program was established in 1993 to offer a global opportunity to individuals and families to obtain a second citizenship. With its excellent reputation to grant citizens access to over 115 countries, it is enticing to hold citizenship in this economically sound state.

Types of Dominica Citizenship

Two accepted methods allow for the consideration of citizenship in Dominica, they are:

Government Fund

Qualifying applicants to the government fund make non-refundable contributions in Dominica in these denominations; a single applicant pays $100,000, while couples pay $175,000 and a family of four (including the main applicant) pays $200,000. Additional dependents will pay $25,000 per person.

Real Estate

To receive citizenship in Dominica a qualifying individual could opt for real estate purchasing. The approved real estate must be valued at $200,000 and the minimum ownership is three years. Both the amount paid, and a term is much shorter when compared to other countries. If the individual remains the property owner for five years, the property can be sold under the investment program. Under this category main applicant of the investment pays an additional $25,000, the spouse pays $10,000, a four-person family pays 435,000, a six-person family pays $50,000, while applicants with seven family members or more pay $70,000.

Dominica Citizenship Advantages

Very affordable housing and application fees. Very affordable living and allows you to travel Visa-free to over 100 countries globally.

Tax-free status on inheritance tax, wealth, gifts, capital gains and foreign income tax are some of economical benefits you will get to keep your investments safe.

Citizenship to CARICOM and dual citizenship is available. Excellent asset and privacy protection as well as Zero restriction on doing global business transactions gives you financial freedom you need.

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$ 6,860
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