The answer as to why anyone would like citizenship to Cyprus is simple; it is a stable and safe setting for families, with a mild Mediterranean climate, and a diverse, rich culture.

Warm, Cheap and Safe

Cyprus offers excellent reasons for investment and citizenship, aside from a slow pace of life and predominantly English-speaking residents for easy communication.

The weather is a major advantage, with a good temperature approximately 90% of the time.

When compared to other countries’ cost of living across the EU, you will find Cyprus’s cost of living much lower and even less than living in the UK. There are various investment opportunities abound in Cyprus for successful applicants.

Cyprus is known as the world’s fifth safest country and it is deemed the safest in the European Union.

Ideal for Families

Very low pollution rates also offer residents clean, fresh air, but one of the biggest attractions is the healthy tax climate. Multi-national oil companies and high-earning professionals operate here in a tax climate that is one of the island’s biggest attractions. When looking at entire Europe, you will find Cyprus ranked as one with the lowest crime rates too, making it ideal for families.

A very high standard of education with top international schools and private schools ensure well-educated individuals. This island is ranked as one of the EU’s fastest-growing economies. After the 2013 financial crisis, the growth surpassed all expectations to date. The World Bank classifies it as a high-income country with the economy relying on real estate, financial services, and tourism.

$ 25.0 b
GDP per capıta
$ 28,888
Settlement in Cyprus
Visa Requirements

A minimum investment of $2 million in a Cypriot organisation is required. This investment could be formed in many ways to be explained below, given that they are registered within Cyprus. The assets must be maintained for a minimum of three-years.

Purchases of the above mentioned must total an amount of $2 million and it must be a company or business with a tangible presence employing a minimum of five European or Cyprus residents.

Potential applicants must construct, develop or purchase projects, which can be either commercial or residential, to the value of $2 million.

If they wish, the applicant can also invest in debentures, securities, and bonds that are registered within Cyprus. An applicant can use all the above methods and long as the subtotal reaches a $2 million investment in Cyprus.

Advantages of Cyprus Citizenship

With Cyprus citizenship, there are limitless trading opportunities with EU countries. Not only will you benefit from access to a highly respected private and public educational system, but you will also be able to enjoy the magnificent Mediterranean climate, with some of the world’s cleanest beaches. Cyprus offers first class healthcare and high living standards, as well as excellent air travel to the rest of the globe. You can also study, travel or live in any other member state, including visa-free travel, not to mention the tax benefits of Cyprus citizenship.

Cyprus boasts a very high standard of education, with top international schools and private schools ensuring well-educated individuals. The island is ranked as one of the EU’s fastest-growing economies, despite the 2013 financial crisis, Cyprus’s growth surpassed all expectations, with The World Bank classifying it as a high-income country, with the economy benefiting from real estate, financial services, and tourism.

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